maintenance – Maintenance Helpers

Helpers for maintainers of kofa sites.

XXX: This stuff might go into a separate package, but right
now it is too less for a complete package.

Run the analyze tool from ZODB package.


Run the analyze tool from ZODB package to find diffs between two ZODBs.

waeup.kofa.maintenance.diff_report(rep1, rep2)[source]
waeup.kofa.maintenance.update_catalog(site, cat_name, objects=[], func=None)[source]

Update a catalog.

Put objects or objects delivered by func() into the catalog registered under cat_name in site.

Objects to be catalogued must be ‘located’, i.e. they must have a __name__ and __parent__ (because they are adapted to IKeyReference).

You can pass in objects as some iterable or as a function that is called to deliver the set of objects to be catalogued.

A function takes precedence over object lists.