Building Documentation (Linux OS only)

We use the excellent Sphinx Python documentation generator to generate the docs as HTML pages.


We assume you already installed waeup.kofa as explained in Installation of Kofa. You ran bin/buildout and can find a script bin/waeupdocs.

Building HTML docs

The documentation of the waeup.kofa project can easily be created doing:

$ bin/waeupdocs

This will create a tree of HTML pages in docs/build/html which you can for instance browse by pointing your browser to this location.

An ‘official’ place in internet for the whole docs is about to come but not yet available.

Actually, waeupdocs is only a wrapper script around the real main script sphinx-build, which should also be located in your bin/ directory.

You therefore can also run bin/sphinx-build manually, which will give you more options, especially, if you want the output to be created in a different location or similar.


$ bin/sphinx-build --help

to get a list of options available.

Alternatively, you can also go to docs/build and run:

$ make html

Other available formats are listed, when you run only:

$ make

These other formats will include latex, doctest, linkcheck and more with a short explanation for each format.

Building PDF docs

We’re currently not prepared for PDF, but support is already planned.

Please be aware, that any PDF support will require a full TeX installation on your system to work.