Source code for waeup.kofa.applicants.applicant

## $Id: 17055 2022-08-02 22:53:36Z henrik $
## Copyright (C) 2011 Uli Fouquet & Henrik Bettermann
## This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
## it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
## the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
## (at your option) any later version.
## This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
## but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
## GNU General Public License for more details.
## You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
## along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
## Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA
import os
import grok
from cStringIO import StringIO
from grok import index
from hurry.query import Eq, Text
from hurry.query.query import Query
from urllib import urlencode
from zope.component import getUtility, createObject, getAdapter
from zope.component.interfaces import IFactory
from zope.event import notify
from zope.securitypolicy.interfaces import IPrincipalRoleManager
from zope.interface import implementedBy
from zope.schema.interfaces import (
    RequiredMissing, ConstraintNotSatisfied, WrongType)
from hurry.workflow.interfaces import IWorkflowInfo, IWorkflowState
from waeup.kofa.image import KofaImageFile
from reportlab.platypus.doctemplate import LayoutError
from waeup.kofa.imagestorage import DefaultFileStoreHandler
from waeup.kofa.interfaces import (
    IObjectHistory, IFileStoreHandler, IFileStoreNameChooser, IKofaUtils,
    IExtFileStore, IPDF, IUserAccount, IUniversity)
from waeup.kofa.interfaces import MessageFactory as _
from waeup.kofa.students.vocabularies import RegNumNotInSource
from waeup.kofa.students.studycourse import StudentStudyCourse
from waeup.kofa.utils.helpers import attrs_to_fields
from waeup.kofa.applicants.interfaces import (
    IApplicant, IApplicantEdit, ISpecialApplicant, IApplicantsUtils)
from waeup.kofa.applicants.workflow import application_states_dict
from waeup.kofa.applicants.payment import ApplicantOnlinePayment
from waeup.kofa.applicants.refereereport import ApplicantRefereeReport

[docs]class Applicant(grok.Container): grok.implements(IApplicant, IApplicantEdit, ISpecialApplicant) grok.provides(IApplicant) applicant_student_mapping = [ ('firstname', 'firstname'), ('middlename', 'middlename'), ('lastname', 'lastname'), ('sex', 'sex'), ('date_of_birth', 'date_of_birth'), ('email', 'email'), ('phone', 'phone'), ] applicant_graduated_mapping = [ ('firstname', 'firstname'), ('middlename', 'middlename'), ('lastname', 'lastname'), ('sex', 'sex'), ('date_of_birth', 'date_of_birth'), ('email', 'email'), ('phone', 'phone'), ]
[docs] def __init__(self): super(Applicant, self).__init__() self.password = None self.application_date = None self.applicant_id = None return
@property def payments(self): payments = [value for value in self.values() if isinstance(value, ApplicantOnlinePayment)] return payments @property def refereereports(self): reports = [value for value in self.values() if isinstance(value, ApplicantRefereeReport)] return reports
[docs] def writeLogMessage(self, view, message): ob_class = view.__implemented__.__name__.replace('waeup.kofa.','') '%s - %s - %s' % (ob_class, self.applicant_id, message)) return
@property def state(self): return IWorkflowState(self).getState() @property def container_code(self): try: code = self.__parent__.code except AttributeError: # in unit tests return if (self.password, self.firstname, self.lastname, == (None, None, None, None): return code + '-' return code + '+' @property def translated_state(self): try: state = application_states_dict[self.state] except LookupError: # in unit tests return return state @property def history(self): history = IObjectHistory(self) return history @property def special(self): try: special = self.__parent__.prefix.startswith('special') except AttributeError: # in unit tests return return special @property def application_number(self): try: return self.applicant_id.split('_')[1] except AttributeError: return None @property def display_fullname(self): middlename = getattr(self, 'middlename', None) kofa_utils = getUtility(IKofaUtils) return kofa_utils.fullname(self.firstname, self.lastname, middlename)
[docs] def _setStudyCourseAttributes(self, studycourse): studycourse.entry_mode = self.course_admitted.study_mode studycourse.current_level = self.course_admitted.start_level studycourse.certificate = self.course_admitted studycourse.entry_session = self.__parent__.year studycourse.current_session = self.__parent__.year return
[docs] def _setGraduatedStudyCourseAttributes(self, studycourse): studycourse.entry_mode = self.course_studied.study_mode studycourse.current_level = self.course_studied.start_level studycourse.certificate = self.course_studied studycourse.entry_session = self.__parent__.year studycourse.current_session = self.__parent__.year return
[docs] def createStudent(self, view=None, graduated=False, send_email=False): """Create a student, fill with base data, create an application slip, copy applicant data and files, send an email (optional). """ site = grok.getSite() # Is applicant in the correct state? if graduated: if self.state != 'processed': return False, _('Applicant has not yet been processed.') certificate = getattr(self, 'course_studied', None) mapping = self.applicant_graduated_mapping else: if self.state != 'admitted': return False, _('Applicant has not yet been admitted.') certificate = getattr(self, 'course_admitted', None) mapping = self.applicant_student_mapping # Set (fallback) reg_number if self.reg_number is None: self.reg_number = self.applicant_id # Does registration number exist? student = createObject(u'waeup.Student') try: student.reg_number = self.reg_number except RegNumNotInSource: # Reset _curr_stud_id site['students']._curr_stud_id -= 1 return False, _('Registration Number exists.') # Has the course_admitted/course_studied field been properly filled? if certificate is None: # Reset _curr_stud_id site['students']._curr_stud_id -= 1 return False, _('No study course provided.') # Set student attributes try: for item in mapping: if item[0] == 'email': # The field type in the application section might be # TextLineChoice to guarantee uniqueness of email addresses. setattr(student, item[1], str(getattr(self, item[0], None))) else: setattr(student, item[1], getattr(self, item[0], None)) except RequiredMissing, err: site['students']._curr_stud_id -= 1 return False, 'RequiredMissing: %s' % err except WrongType, err: site['students']._curr_stud_id -= 1 return False, 'WrongType: %s' % err except UnicodeEncodeError, err: return False, 'UnicodeEncodeError: %s' % err except: site['students']._curr_stud_id -= 1 return False, 'Unknown Error' # Prove if the certificate still exists try: StudentStudyCourse().certificate = certificate except ConstraintNotSatisfied, err: # Reset _curr_stud_id site['students']._curr_stud_id -= 1 return False, 'ConstraintNotSatisfied: %s' % certificate.code # Finally prove if an application slip can be created try: test_applicant_slip = getAdapter(self, IPDF, name='application_slip')( view=view) except IOError: site['students']._curr_stud_id -= 1 return False, _('IOError: Application Slip could not be created.') except LayoutError, err: site['students']._curr_stud_id -= 1 return False, _('Reportlab LayoutError: %s' % err) except AttributeError, err: site['students']._curr_stud_id -= 1 return False, _('Reportlab AttributeError: ${a}', mapping = {'a':err}) except: site['students']._curr_stud_id -= 1 return False, _('Unknown Reportlab error') # Add student site['students'].addStudent(student) # Save student_id self.student_id = student.student_id if graduated: # Set state IWorkflowState(student).setState('graduated') # Save the certificate and set study course attributes self._setGraduatedStudyCourseAttributes(student['studycourse']) else: # Fire transitions IWorkflowInfo(self).fireTransition('create') IWorkflowInfo(student).fireTransition('admit') # Save the certificate and set study course attributes self._setStudyCourseAttributes(student['studycourse']) # Set password IUserAccount(student).setPassword(self.application_number) self._copyPassportImage(student) self._copyFiles(student) # Update the catalog notify(grok.ObjectModifiedEvent(student)) # Save application slip applicant_slip = getAdapter(self, IPDF, name='application_slip')( view=view) self._saveApplicationPDF(student, applicant_slip, view=view) if view and send_email: kofa_utils = getUtility(IKofaUtils) pw = self.application_number args = {'login':student.student_id, 'password':pw} login_url = view.url(grok.getSite()) + '/login?%s' % urlencode(args) rpw_url = view.url(grok.getSite(), 'changepw') kofa_utils.informNewStudent( IUserAccount(student), pw, login_url, rpw_url) return True, _('Student ${a} created', mapping = {'a':student.student_id})
[docs] def _saveApplicationPDF(self, student, applicant_slip, view=None): """Create an application slip as PDF and store it in student folder. """ file_store = getUtility(IExtFileStore) file_id = IFileStoreNameChooser(student).chooseName( attr="application_slip.pdf") file_store.createFile(file_id, StringIO(applicant_slip)) return
[docs] def _copyPassportImage(self, student): """Copy any passport image over to student location. """ file_store = getUtility(IExtFileStore) appl_file = file_store.getFileByContext(self) if appl_file is None: return stud_file_id = IFileStoreNameChooser(student).chooseName( attr="passport.jpg") file_store.createFile(stud_file_id, appl_file) return
[docs] def _copyFiles(self, student): """Copy all other files over to student location. Not used in base package but tested with fake file. """ file_store = getUtility(IExtFileStore) filenames = getUtility(IApplicantsUtils).ADDITIONAL_FILES for filename in filenames: appl_file = file_store.getFileByContext(self, attr=filename[1]) if appl_file is None: continue ext = os.path.splitext([1] stud_file_id = IFileStoreNameChooser(student).chooseName( attr=filename[1] + ext) file_store.createFile(stud_file_id, appl_file) return
# Set all attributes of Applicant required in IApplicant as field # properties. Doing this, we do not have to set initial attributes # ourselves and as a bonus we get free validation when an attribute is # set. Applicant = attrs_to_fields(Applicant) class ApplicantsCatalog(grok.Indexes): """A catalog indexing :class:`Applicant` instances in the ZODB. """'applicants_catalog') grok.context(IApplicant) fullname = index.Text(attribute='display_fullname') applicant_id = index.Field(attribute='applicant_id') reg_number = index.Field(attribute='reg_number') email = index.Field(attribute='email') state = index.Field(attribute='state') container_code = index.Field(attribute='container_code')
[docs]class ApplicantFactory(grok.GlobalUtility): """A factory for applicants. """ grok.implements(IFactory)'waeup.Applicant') title = u"Create a new applicant.", description = u"This factory instantiates new applicant instances."
[docs] def __call__(self, *args, **kw): return Applicant()
[docs] def getInterfaces(self): return implementedBy(Applicant)
#: The file id marker for applicant passport images APPLICANT_IMAGE_STORE_NAME = 'img-applicant'
[docs]class ApplicantImageNameChooser(grok.Adapter): """A file id chooser for :class:`Applicant` objects. `context` is an :class:`Applicant` instance. The :class:`ApplicantImageNameChooser` can build/check file ids for :class:`Applicant` objects suitable for use with :class:`ExtFileStore` instances. The delivered file_id contains the file id marker for :class:`Applicant` object and the registration number or access code of the context applicant. Also the name of the connected applicant container will be part of the generated file id. This chooser is registered as an adapter providing :class:`waeup.kofa.interfaces.IFileStoreNameChooser`. File store name choosers like this one are only convenience components to ease the task of creating file ids for applicant objects. You are nevertheless encouraged to use them instead of manually setting up filenames for applicants. .. seealso:: :mod:`waeup.kofa.imagestorage` """ grok.context(IApplicant) grok.implements(IFileStoreNameChooser)
[docs] def checkName(self, name=None, attr=None): """Check whether the given name is a valid file id for the context. Returns ``True`` only if `name` equals the result of :meth:`chooseName`. The `attr` parameter is not taken into account for :class:`Applicant` context as the single passport image is the only file we store for applicants. """ return name == self.chooseName()
[docs] def chooseName(self, name=None, attr=None): """Get a valid file id for applicant context. *Example:* For an applicant with applicant_id. ``'app2001_1234'`` and stored in an applicants container called ``'mycontainer'``, this chooser would create: ``'__img-applicant__mycontainer/app2001_1234.jpg'`` meaning that the passport image of this applicant would be stored in the site-wide file storage in path: ``mycontainer/app2001_1234.jpg`` If the context applicant has no parent, ``'_default'`` is used as parent name. In the beginning the `attr` parameter was not taken into account for :class:`Applicant` context as the single passport image was the only file we store for applicants. Meanwhile many universities require uploads of other documents too. Now we store passport image files without attribute but all other documents with. """ parent_name = getattr( getattr(self.context, '__parent__', None), '__name__', '_default') if attr is None or attr == 'passport.jpg': marked_filename = '__%s__%s/%s.jpg' % ( APPLICANT_IMAGE_STORE_NAME, parent_name, self.context.applicant_id) else: basename, ext = os.path.splitext(attr) marked_filename = '__%s__%s/%s_%s%s' % ( APPLICANT_IMAGE_STORE_NAME, parent_name, basename, self.context.applicant_id, ext) return marked_filename
[docs]class ApplicantImageStoreHandler(DefaultFileStoreHandler, grok.GlobalUtility): """Applicant specific image handling. This handler knows in which path in a filestore to store applicant images and how to turn this kind of data into some (browsable) file object. It is called from the global file storage, when it wants to get/store a file with a file id starting with ``__img-applicant__`` (the marker string for applicant images). Like each other file store handler it does not handle the files really (this is done by the global file store) but only computes paths and things like this. """ grok.implements(IFileStoreHandler)
[docs] def pathFromFileID(self, store, root, file_id): """All applicants images are filed in directory ``applicants``. """ marker, filename, basename, ext = store.extractMarker(file_id) sub_root = os.path.join(root, 'applicants') return super(ApplicantImageStoreHandler, self).pathFromFileID( store, sub_root, basename)
[docs] def createFile(self, store, root, filename, file_id, file): """Create a browsable file-like object. """ # call super method to ensure that any old files with # different filename extension are deleted. file, path, file_obj = super( ApplicantImageStoreHandler, self).createFile( store, root, filename, file_id, file) return file, path, KofaImageFile( file_obj.filename,
@grok.subscribe(IApplicant, grok.IObjectAddedEvent)
[docs]def handle_applicant_added(applicant, event): """If an applicant is added local and site roles are assigned. """ role_manager = IPrincipalRoleManager(applicant) role_manager.assignRoleToPrincipal( 'waeup.local.ApplicationOwner', applicant.applicant_id) # Assign current principal the global Applicant role role_manager = IPrincipalRoleManager(grok.getSite()) role_manager.assignRoleToPrincipal( 'waeup.Applicant', applicant.applicant_id) if applicant.state is None: IWorkflowInfo(applicant).fireTransition('init') # Assign global applicant role for new applicant (alternative way) #account = IUserAccount(applicant) #account.roles = ['waeup.Applicant'] return
@grok.subscribe(IApplicant, grok.IObjectRemovedEvent)
[docs]def handle_applicant_removed(applicant, event): """If an applicant is removed a message is logged, passport images are deleted and the global role is unset. """ comment = 'Application record removed' target = applicant.applicant_id try: grok.getSite()['applicants']'%s - %s' % ( target, comment)) except KeyError: # If we delete an entire university instance there won't be # an applicants subcontainer return # Remove any passport image. file_store = getUtility(IExtFileStore) file_store.deleteFileByContext(applicant) # Remove all other files too filenames = getUtility(IApplicantsUtils).ADDITIONAL_FILES for filename in filenames: file_store.deleteFileByContext(applicant, attr=filename[1]) # Remove global role role_manager = IPrincipalRoleManager(grok.getSite()) role_manager.unsetRoleForPrincipal( 'waeup.Applicant', applicant.applicant_id) return