Source code for waeup.kofa.students.accommodation

## $Id: 15705 2019-10-28 09:18:21Z henrik $
## Copyright (C) 2011 Uli Fouquet & Henrik Bettermann
## This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
## it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
## the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
## (at your option) any later version.
## This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
## but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
## GNU General Public License for more details.
## You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
## along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
## Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA
Student accommodation components.
from datetime import datetime
import grok
from zope.component import getUtility, queryUtility
from zope.component.interfaces import IFactory
from zope.event import notify
from zope.i18n import translate
from zope.catalog.interfaces import ICatalog
from zope.interface import implementedBy
from waeup.kofa.interfaces import academic_sessions_vocab, IKofaUtils
from waeup.kofa.interfaces import MessageFactory as _
from waeup.kofa.students.interfaces import (
    IStudentAccommodation, IStudentNavigation, IBedTicket, IStudentsUtils)
from waeup.kofa.utils.helpers import attrs_to_fields
from waeup.kofa.hostels.hostel import NOT_OCCUPIED

[docs]class StudentAccommodation(grok.Container): """This is a container for bed tickets. """ grok.implements(IStudentAccommodation, IStudentNavigation) grok.provides(IStudentAccommodation)
[docs] def __init__(self): super(StudentAccommodation, self).__init__() return
[docs] def addBedTicket(self, bedticket): """Add a bed ticket object. """ if not IBedTicket.providedBy(bedticket): raise TypeError( 'StudentAccommodation containers contain only IBedTicket instances') try: self[str(bedticket.booking_session)] = bedticket except KeyError: if 'booking expired' in self[ str(bedticket.booking_session)].bed_coordinates: del self[str(bedticket.booking_session)] self[str(bedticket.booking_session)] = bedticket return
@property def student(self): return self.__parent__
[docs] def writeLogMessage(self, view, message): return self.__parent__.writeLogMessage(view, message)
StudentAccommodation = attrs_to_fields(StudentAccommodation)
[docs]class BedTicket(grok.Model): """This is a bed ticket which shows that the student has booked a bed. """ grok.implements(IBedTicket, IStudentNavigation) grok.provides(IBedTicket)
[docs] def __init__(self): super(BedTicket, self).__init__() self.booking_date = datetime.utcnow() self.bed = None return
@property def student(self): try: return self.__parent__.__parent__ except AttributeError: return None @property def display_coordinates(self): students_utils = getUtility(IStudentsUtils) return students_utils.getBedCoordinates(self) @property def maint_payment_made(self): try: if len(self.student['payments']): for ticket in self.student['payments'].values(): if ticket.p_category == 'hostel_maintenance' and \ ticket.p_session == self.booking_session and \ ticket.p_state == 'paid': return True except TypeError: # in unit tests pass return False
[docs] def relocateStudent(self): """Relocate student if student parameters have changed or the bed_type of the bed has changed. """ if self.booking_session != grok.getSite()[ 'hostels'].accommodation_session: return False, _("Previous session bookings can't be changed.") student = self.student students_utils = getUtility(IStudentsUtils) acc_details = students_utils.getAccommodationDetails(student) if self.bed != None and \ 'reserved' in self.bed.bed_type: return False, _("Students in reserved beds can't be relocated.") if acc_details['bt'] == self.bed_type and \ self.bed != None and \ self.bed.bed_type == self.bed_type and \ self.bed.__parent__.__parent__: return False, _("Student can't be relocated.") # Search a bed cat = queryUtility(ICatalog, name='beds_catalog', default=None) entries = cat.searchResults( owner=(student.student_id,student.student_id)) if len(entries) and self.bed == None: # If booking has been cancelled but other bed space has been # manually allocated after cancellation use this bed new_bed = [entry for entry in entries][0] else: # Search for other available beds entries = cat.searchResults( bed_type=(acc_details['bt'],acc_details['bt'])) available_beds = [ entry for entry in entries if entry.owner == NOT_OCCUPIED] desired_hostel = self.__parent__.desired_hostel if desired_hostel and desired_hostel != 'no': # Filter desired hostel beds filtered_beds = [bed for bed in available_beds if bed.bed_id.startswith(desired_hostel)] available_beds = filtered_beds if available_beds: new_bed = students_utils.selectBed(available_beds) new_bed.bookBed(student.student_id) else: return False, _('There is no free bed in your category ${a}.', mapping = {'a':acc_details['bt']}) # Release old bed if exists if self.bed != None: self.bed.owner = NOT_OCCUPIED notify(grok.ObjectModifiedEvent(self.bed)) # Designate new bed in ticket self.bed_type = acc_details['bt'] self.bed = new_bed hall_title = new_bed.__parent__.hostel_name coordinates = new_bed.coordinates[1:] block, room_nr, bed_nr = coordinates bc = _('${a}, Block ${b}, Room ${c}, Bed ${d} (${e})', mapping = { 'a':hall_title, 'b':block, 'c':room_nr, 'd':bed_nr, 'e':new_bed.bed_type}) portal_language = getUtility(IKofaUtils).PORTAL_LANGUAGE self.bed_coordinates = translate( bc, 'waeup.kofa',target_language=portal_language) self.writeLogMessage(self, 'relocated: %s' % new_bed.bed_id) return True, _('Student relocated: ${a}', mapping = {'a':self.display_coordinates})
[docs] def writeLogMessage(self, view, message): return self.__parent__.__parent__.writeLogMessage(view, message)
[docs] def getSessionString(self): return academic_sessions_vocab.getTerm( self.booking_session).title
BedTicket = attrs_to_fields(BedTicket, omit=['display_coordinates']) # Bed tickets must be importable. So we might need a factory.
[docs]class BedTicketFactory(grok.GlobalUtility): """A factory for bed tickets. """ grok.implements(IFactory)'waeup.BedTicket') title = u"Create a new bed ticket.", description = u"This factory instantiates new bed ticket instances."
[docs] def __call__(self, *args, **kw): return BedTicket()
[docs] def getInterfaces(self): return implementedBy(BedTicket)